What is up, Gamers?

This page is a courtesy of my YouTube channel's 2019-21 phase where I used to make videos related to free game deals (like weekly on the Epic Games store), here I will leave some of my personal favourite resources that I either used as my sources for the videos or what I'd consume to stay up-to-date.

While the domain of this page is supposed to be freetoclaim.com (bought it back in the day for a silly reason) but if anything goes wrong , this webpage will always be visible on freetoclaim.pages.dev

Some of the best resources to keep up with free to claim/keep game deals

- r/FreeGameFindings: Probably the best source one if you use reddit.

- GamerPower

- This endpoint from Epic Games Store

- This page on PC Gamer

- Should You Play it

Personal note- I really enjoyed the time I had while creating those videos and doing all the Thursday livestreams. I'm glad I had the privilage to do so and get so much love from you guys, all the 8500+ people who were in my Discord, you guys were the best source and nothing can surpass that.

Also, I no longer have a gaming pc (got a PS5 for once in a while gaming) and so I personally would not be aware of much going in this gaming bubble and therefore, all that you'll see in here or on the socials are going to be fully automated as I do not have the time or enthusiasm to deal with this anymore, feel free to contribute to this page or my other projects on my GitHub.

Wish me luck for my future endeavours, we all want to do so much but life is so short, I'm still grateful for all that we had, have and will have in this Universe, I hope you do too. Thank you.

- pr